In a world that’s becoming increasingly more conservative, it’s important to keep celebrating Gay Erotic Art and the beauty of the male body overall. In MY BOYFRIEND IS A SUPERHERO #5, Felix becomes a model for a life drawing class at Gateway City Art College.

The MBIAS series is about Felix Himner (Naked Justice) and Byron Durand (Space Cadet), who are boyfriends and superheroes trying to balance their superhero lives with a normal one. 

Most of us know that to keep the light on, you need a job to earn money. Superheroes are no exception to that rule! They may save the day often enough, but they do that for free. Luckily, Felix meets Professor Kellan Day, who offers him steady work as a legit model for his art class. 

Professor Day is a true connoisseur of masculine art, and he can appreciate Felix’s intense beauty, as can his college students. The question is, will Felix find this job more than he can handle? And while Felix poses pretty, what is Byron up to? Feeling a little unsure about a bunch of randy College students drawing his beau naked, that’s what! 

MY BOYFRIEND IS A SUPERHERO #5 is written by Patrick Fillion, and lovingly illustrated by Alexander. This issue is slated for early 2024 release in print and digital formats. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

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  1. Any stories with hairy bear men. Not necessarily muscle men but definitely hairier the better with great graphics

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