While you (and WE) wait for us to find a solution to the current credit card processing situation, you may be happy (relieved, even) to know that we aren’t just idly sitting on our hands, creatively-speaking. In fact, over on his Patreon, Patrick’s been working on an all-new ZAHN comic story called “FOOLISH PACT”.

It’s no secret that Patrick and Zahn have been at odds since the release of ZAHN #3, waaaaay back in 2013. While Patrick began working on ZAHN #4 in 2017, he has, in his own words, stalled on the project.

With “FOOLISH PACT”, Patrick hopes to rekindle his flame for the Son of Winter, eventually leading him to resume work on the long-awaited issue #4 of ZAHN’s series.

The good news is that currently, Patrick’s completed and posted the first three pages of “FOOLISH PACT”, and they look fantastic. The story introduces a brand-new character named SARPAYNE who offers ZAHN a way to save a small village from an evil trio of destructive spirits called “THE THREE”.

So if you’ve been missing your dose of Class Comics, you can certainly head over to Patrick’s Patreon page for a fix of ZAHN and your other favorite Class Comics hunks… not to mention all the other goodies Patrick creates every single month.

ZAHN “FOOLISH PACT” continues in April on Patrick’s Patreon, with new pages and exclusive behind the scenes treats for your enjoyment.

As always, if you want to help us keep things running in the interim, feel free to subscribe to Patrick’s Patreon, leave something in his Tip Jar, or buy us a Cup of Coffee!

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