Welcome to Class Comics, your home to Heroes with Hardons!

Our mission is to create and publish Gay Erotic comic books of the highest quality which feature intelligent, exciting stories, ultra-hot, explicitly beautiful art, and captivating characters that always turn you on.

Class Comics is owned and operated by Patrick Fillion & Robert Fraser and has been publishing some of the hottest Gay Erotic-themed comic books on the market since the year 2000.

Our AWARD-WINNING comic books are lovingly created by some of today’s best artists and writers of Erotic GAY ART. Each printed issue is beautifully printed on high-gloss, high-quality paper, while our digital editions are a perfect way to access our comics on any device.
How it all began…

Patrick was told that nobody wanted to see naked men!

Patrick Fillion was working in the mainstream adult comic world and every time that the penciled a man with less covered up than the women beside him, he was told by his editor to cover the guy up. Eventually Patrick suggested that there were men and women who wanted to see more male skin! He even pitched the idea of an all male comic series. That suggestion was met with such disdain that Patrick decided then and there to launch his own comic company for the new millennium!

2006 marked the beginning of Class Comics’ expansion and further growth as an important publisher in the world of gay comics. For the past few years, Class Comics built its foundation upon the works of artist Patrick Fillion. Now, Class has branched out further by publishing and promoting the comics and works of some of today’s best artists of gay erotic comics.

As a company, Class Comics has managed to capture the attention of thousands of readers who have hungered for quality gay erotic comics since they first fantasized about the contents of Spider-Man’s tights. In addition to publishing plenty of titles on their own, they have introduced their comics and art book collections to the German and French audiences through European Publishers Bruno Gmunder and H&O Editions.


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