You can now buy the amazing game and story experience called “DRAKE’S DUNGEON” by HOTCHA on STEAM.

Patrick and fellow artist, DIZ, created many new artworks of DEIMOS, DRAKE, and DEREK the Knight for the game.

For his part, HOTCHA wrote and created an incredible, deeply immersive story mode in which you’ll actually get to HEAR DEIMOS SPEAK!!!

After playing the game for the first time, Patrick felt very inspired. He decided to create a beautiful collection of tie-in illustrations as well as stories in written text.

These three illustration/story sets are available EXCLUSIVELY on Patrick’s Patreon page. Each set contains numerous variant versions, each hornier than the last.

If you love Deimos, you should definitely take a look at these sets. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to explore DRAKE’S DUNGEON and get to know the amazing Taro Demon more intimately than ever before.

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