Dear Awesome Reader!

You read that right! Due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot currently accept credit cards. We are investigating getting up and running with a new processing company, but it’s taking much longer than expected. 

Our last day accepting orders was January 1st. All the orders for printed comics were processed and mailed out on January 4th. While we also can’t accept new orders for our Digital Comics, you can still download previous purchases.

We’ve had a few kind readers suggest that we accept Paypal, Venmo, Stripe, Square etc… Unfortunately, all of these services prohibit adult content. We used to have accounts with them, but were eventually terminated.

Fear not! We have full plans on continuing to create high-quality erotic gay comics for a long time to come. This will only be a temporary interruption!  We will update you when we have more news!  

All the best,
Patrick and Fraser

P.S. If you want to help us keep things running in the interim, feel free to subscribe to Patrick’s Patreon, leave something in his Tip Jar, or buy us a Cup of Coffee!

UPDATE #1 – Jan 10th.
Because so many concerned readers are asking great questions, we figured that we should post information here. Credit card processing is fairly complicated and there are usually six parties involved who all have to agree on what’s going on. We’ll list them below this post*.

In short, we (the Merchant) apply to a Payment Processor, who takes our info to the Acquiring Bank, who underwrites (decides if we are too risky or not based on our content and their guidelines) the acceptableness of our business.

So far we have heard back that because we are based in Canada, there are far fewer Acquiring Banks who accept adult companies, and they are quite a bit more restrictive than if we were based in the USA.

At this point we’ve applied to several Payment Processor’s without success.

UPDATE #2 – Jan 19th
We’ve enquired with / applied to more Payment Processors and been declined by the banks underwriting them. Without the acceptance of the Acquiring Bank, the Payment Processor can’t help us. All the Payment Processors have been very supportive and understanding.

From what we can understand, the Acquiring Banks that underwrite us are erring on the side of caution and applying all the concerns that would be present with real peoples and live actors.

We are asked if our comics contain violence, blood, weapons, water sports, the exchange of bodily fluids etc… Obviously they do, but obviously no real person is being harmed. The rules are there to protect real people, not illustrations!

We currently have two open applications with International Payment processors, including CCBill. We have our fingers crossed, along with every other bendable appendage!

Keeping high hopes,
Patrick and Fraser

*Parties involved in a Credit Card purchase:
Merchant: The business owner who accepts credit card payments online.
Payment Processor: The go-between for merchants and the acquiring bank, they facilitate credit card transactions.
Acquiring Bank: The “merchant bank” which settles & distributes credit card payments to business owners.
Card Brands: Visa, Mastercard, Amex are card brands that allow payments to be processed via their card network.
Issuing Bank: These are the banks who supply the credit card to the customer to use.
Cardholder: The customer using the network to make purchases.

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  1. Ah yes, the rise of the ‘Blue Nose Republican private personal life Police’ passing restrictive laws in so many states these days that end the rights of personal conduct, medical care, individual freedom and access to any kind of personal reading material that is not in their opinion ‘Holier-than-thou’. The result is that firms providing services have been forced to stop providing any of these broad brush defined prohibited services or face huge individual fines and jail time up to life in prison.
    Of course all of these new ‘Blue Nose Laws’ do not comply with the American Constitutions Bill of Rights nor so many other regular laws. In the mean time the Sate and Federal Courts are being swamped with case filings to overturn this nonsense. Which can drag on for years as these Republican idiots file delay motions and appeal to higher courts when they lose at lower levels, but, those ‘Blue Nose Laws’ remain in force and even more restrictions are passed each year that the Republicans control the State Legislatures or Courts.
    Sad to say I do not see an early end to this madness and a large segment of the States will regress to over 100 years ago or more to try to retain their grip on legislative power while claiming to be keeping the public safe from non existent evils or to protect children (unborn, alive or imaginary). They also need the scapegoat to blame which as usual is the minority population (Blacks, Mexicans, Transgender, Gay or Poor)
    who are causing all of these problems for all of the upstanding citizens and that must be stopped.
    The result is Banks fear being charged, Doctors and Hospitals cringe when young women need emergency care or someone wants to read a book that is now considered to be ‘WOKE’ whatever that is but, not defined it is just bad, bad oh really bad.
    OK, so I know my rant is being read by other members of the choir and what can be done now is the real question for our purchase and support of Class Comics. Can we still buy with forms of cash, checks or travel checks without paying fees for currency exchange rates on these purchases ? Even if that is what must be done then those fees must be added to the price of the purchase and we will just add that to the cost of gaining our Class Comics again. Currently one US Dollar $ 1.00 buys C$ 1.34 Canadian 02/01/2024.
    Well I will close these remarks with ‘This too will pass’ if we work hard and throw out all of these idiot Republicans as soon as possible from all public offices then watch and make sure the Democrats don’t catch this same idiot brain fever and start doing the same stupid things.
    PS: Email or surface mail OK because I do not Text and will not answer, I like my phone it is just dumb.
    Walter O’Rourke

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