Hey Classmate!

We have some news! It’s not “THE NEWS” that you’re looking for, but it IS a way to enjoy brand new Class Comics titles and support us at the same time!

We’ve always said that our goal is to keep making awesome comics for as long as we can, and we’re not stopping now. While navigating the crazy world of Credit Card Processing, we’ve still been hard at work writing, drawing and lettering all along.

Do you want to read the first FOUR PAGES of My Boyfriend is a Superhero #5 RIGHT NOW? You can! Because we now have a way to share new comics with you as we make them!

We’ve launched the Class Comics Patreon whereby you can enjoy the creation of our comics while they’re being made! We’ll be posting the nitty gritty details of each page as they’re produced, along with tons of other fun goodies.

There are a variety of tiers available for Patrons who wants in on the fun. It starts at $3 for those who just want to help us out, then moves $5 to read finished pages & have access to a selection of Online Back Issues. $8 gets you all sorts of bonus materials, and for $10 you can download an exclusive Patreon Digital Edition PDF of the comics once they’re produced. Finally we have a $15 Super Fan tier for those who want to help us out that much more.

Patrons will also have access to Polls and community chats that will help us decide what to work on next and what awesome things you want shared with you. Down the road, we have plans to add more tiers whereby you can get fun stickers and shirts as thanks for your Patronage.

Please check out our Class Comics Experience on Patreon and let us know what you think! We’re here because of you, our readers, and we’d love to hear what you think of the Class Comics Experience on Patreon.

All the best,
Patrick and Fraser

P.S. This is totally seperate from Patrick’s Patreon and will contain entirely different content!

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