We can’t believe that it’s been three months since the guillotine chop fell on Class Comics. We still have high hopes that we will be able to continue creating and selling comics for many years, it’s just a lot harder than we thought it would be!

Unfortunately, we believe that we’ve run the complete gauntlet of “High Risk” credit card processors who service Canada for adult material. At this point, they have all told us that our comics have unacceptable content when evaluated with the criterion that they have to use.

We know that there are providers (technically Acquiring Banks) in the United States who specialize in adult material that will likely take us on. However in order to do so, we need to create an American division of Class Comics to proceed. It has tremendous legal and tax ramifications that we need to understand fully before committing to.

As most readers know, Class Comics is owned, operated, and completely run by just the two of us. We’ve managed to keep it running all these years by being lean and flexible. Opening a US subsidiary is entirely out of our comfort zone and knowledge base! There is a lot of information to take in!

There is however another evolving situation on the horizon! Gumroad has recently turfed all its NSFW creators from their platform due to their payment processors unwillingness to accept payment for adult materials. Does that sound familiar? Days later, Just for Fans has opened their doors to NSFW creators.

Why this is important to us is that Just for Fans is working with their Acquiring Bank to establish rules from Visa & Mastercard on what is allowed and restricted in illustrated form. If it’s successfully done, then hopefully all the Acquiring Banks would also have guidelines that relate more specifically to comics and illustrated materials, rather than live actors. It would mean that we might not have to open up a US Subsidiary!

In the meantime, we’re continuing to work on new comics and other projects. We have some intermediary plans developing for you to be able to get your Class Comics fix long before we have a US subsidiary or a benevolent Canadian processor.

You’re all greatly appreciated. We’re so thankful for all your kind words of encouragement and financial support through Patrick’s Patreon and  buying us a Cup of Coffee! You’ve helped us keep the lights… AND the HOPE on… and for that we’re super grateful. Class Comics will continue! Thanks for bearing with us.

Patrick and Fraser

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